Steven LeFever

Eclectic Entertainer

Synopsis: A genius bird finds the opportunity to speak with a spiritual man through their thoughts via transcendental meditation at Utak, the northernmost island in the Mariana archipelago, which sets him off on a journey through the island chain, experiencing the multi-faceted tropical cultures, observing human behavior, lending his knowledge of the history, and accumulating philosophy through each flight, all to build spiritual growth in hopes of discovering what he really wants in this puzzling life, as he makes his way to Guam, the southernmost island of the Marianas.



















I began this story in 2012 before I moved to Japan, and many times I stopped working on it, convinced that it was too big a story to finish. I told myself that I should focus my energy on filmmaking instead. That is until I learned about the Festival of the Pacific Arts and their next impactful event being hosted on Guam. I applied to the diaspora under literary arts and auditioned with this as my way to represent our island meaningfully. Since being accepted, I pushed myself to work even harder on this. The workshops during the festival and the overall experience of FestPac has helped to strengthen MARiANA SKY even further, giving Love not only to our Mariånas, but to all of our familia in Oceania, making me alter my outlook on Life for the greater good. Now I'm very proud to say that it's out in the World for you to absorb// Si yu'os ma'åse

cover art by Gemma Doherty // click here to follow her on instagram

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